Welcome from Millennium Arts Salon

Millennium Arts Salon (MAS), opening its 17th year of programming, is dedicated to "...advancing cultural literacy through the arts and cultural programming", principally through its artist salon talks, exhibitions, art publications, domestic and international tours, and special events.  

Based in Columbia Heights, Washington, DC, USA, Millennium Arts Salon delivers artistic and cultural perspectives through the world's prominent artists and practitioners in the visual, curatorial, performing, film, historical narrative, musical, and literary arts to an ever-expanding audience in the Greater Washington Area and beyond.  MAS has many university, museum, gallery, theater and community-based organization partnerships which pursue the elevation of inter-cultural and cross-ethnic understanding leveraging the power of the arts, aesthetics, culture and the humanities toward the betterment of human affairs.  The matter of social and political change fine art practice is prominent in the organization's portfolio of support.   Millennium Arts Salon documents its "salons" through video-taping and photography, providing an archival repository of primary research in artistic and cultural content to be made available to generations of students, researchers, and appreciators of cultural and artistic development for generations to come.  Vist our Facebook page at facebook.com/millenniumartssalon.

Founded on the premise that amongst all members of the human family, we are more alike than we are different, Millennium Arts Salon is building a community of persons who find safety in exploring arts and culture in all its forms, as practiced by all groups in the human family, with appreciation for all aesthetic forms expressed by any and all peoples the world over, fostering and appreciating the collecting impulse in the relentless pursuit of beauty in our lives, and growing in our individual abilities to engage in the fine art of conversation.

Millennium Arts Salon provides an elegant and intimate space to gather, to reflect, to experiment and to grow our individual talents and appreciations in the world of fine arts and culture.

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