Established in 2000, Millennium Arts Salon is committed to “advancing cultural literacy” through its art and cultural programming, which includes salon talks, exhibitions, tours and special events.  Millennium programs are educational in nature, and designed to educate, raise awareness, and stimulate exchange on topics of the arts, culture, and the humanities. Another focus is to build bridges between communities, forge relationships, inspire positive action, and contribute to mutual understanding across the ethno-cultural spectrum of our regional and national American society, all toward advancing social cohesion in our nation.  Foundational to our principles as an organization is leveraging the power and prowess of the arts as a pathway to improving the quality of our lives through the arts.

Millennium’s programs to date have totaled: 74 art salons; 8 exhibitions; 3 international tours; 7 domestic tours; over 59 salon speakers; 3 print collaborations; and 16 program partnerships.


Millennium  Arts Salon’s seasons have been thematic in nature with the first five seasons entitled “On Common Ground”, investigating the commonalities of cultural output across the demographics of our market area.  Our successful “Scholars Speak” program season (2007-2008) heralded art scholars, and inspired five seasons exploring the artists and their creative impulses in our “Its All About Art” series.  In 2008 and 2009, in addition to our artists salon, artist studio visits, and collectors series, we added fine art print publishing to our portfolio of activity, featuring Sheila Crider, Billy Colbert, Rachelle Puryear (Sweden) and Preston Sampson. The year 2010 was a highlight year culminating in our publishing the works of twenty (20) mid-career artists across the ethno-cultural spectrum of Greater Washington. Entitled  “In Unison: 20 Washington, DC Artists” ,  MAS presented exhibitions along the Atlantic seaboard from Virginia to New York, and sales of artists works internationally to benefit the artists both financially, with the collateral benefit of advancing their careers. 

MAS focuses on building institutional relationships in community, having collaborated over many years with such institutions as the Phillips Collection, the Library of Congress,  DC Arts Center, International Arts and Artists and Hillyer Art Space, The Driskell Center at the University of Maryland College Park, the Center for the Study of Modern Art, George Mason University, Brady Gallery at George Washington University, Pyramid Atlantic Printmaking Workshop, Kenkeliba Gallery and the Dwyer Cultural Center (both in NY), Black Artists of DC (BADC), the Kreeger Museum of Washington, Busboys and Poets, and Brandywine Workshop in Philadelphia. Most recently, our partnerships have added Charles Krause/Reporting Fine Art Gallery, The Post-Classical Ensemble, Mosaic Theater, The Creatives Coalition, and Washington Musica Viva. As a part of its portfolio of services, MAS ventured into fine art print publishing, working with a number of its partner organizations to produce original works of art for the collecting community.  As one of the premier specialized affinity marketing groups in the Greater Washington area, MAS is proud to be a prominent contributing member of civil society betterment leveraging its distinctive competencies in the arts. 

MAS is a designated Charitable Educational Organization (IRS reg. 501(c)(3)), and engages financial and human resources to both enable and ennoble  the communities and constituencies it serves.  


Millennium  Arts Salon envisons a world in which its Board of Directors, its staff and volunteers, its members, its partners and donors influence understanding across ethno-cultural identity and the building of community interested and respectful of the arts and culture, leveraging the “fine art of conversation” inherent in its “arts salon” model, the creative impulses of its artists members and presenters, and the prowess of its institutional partners.