An Appreciation for African American Fine Art

The matter of interest in Afro­-Americana in fine art has heightened significantly across the ethno­cultural spectrum of collectors, institutions, performance, academia, and philanthropy. To wit: the Katzen Arts Center presented a major show of recent works of Renee Stout, and “Riffing on the Legacy of the Black Arts Movement” featuring the artists collective “Delusions of…

Ai WeiWei Lecture at Hirshhorn Museum DC

#el-5dd5322d62bc2157425310122358 .video-aspect-ratio { padding-bottom: 56.25% } In 2012, our Millennium Arts Salon International Travel Tour Program took us to China, and one of our stops was the artist compound of artist Ai WeiWei. For those of us who attended our tour, the attached photo recalls the great presentation done at Ai WeiWei's studio compound in…

Classical Ensemble presents “The Henry Burleigh Show”

MAS is pleased to announce its partnership with the Post Classical Ensemble (PCE) to advance our better understanding of music, in this instance, the intersection of high classical forms and its fusion with “plantation music” or “Negro Spirituals”. PCE formally announced its residency at the National Cathedral as the classical music ensemble, and also as…

MAS Visit to Senegal


MAS Visit to China

MAS Trip to Spain

Tour of CastleRay GristFestival of the Rosary

MAS Heads to Spain