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Mosaic Theater transitions from South African Repertory Theater to its Voices from a Changing Middle East Festival

MAS is proud to have been Mosaic’s Community Sponsor for the short run production “Blood Knot” with its quality of acting, set design, lighting and music composition that delivered a riveting story that affects us all today. Mosaic has been named as the 2017 Helen Hayes Awards “Outstanding Emerging Theater”. The current presentation of the 2017 edition of Mosaic’s Voices of a Changing Middle East Festival features the highly regarded “Ullyses on Bottles”. Ari Roth, Founding Artist Director of Mosaic Theater writes: “We fought long and hard to hold onto our Voices Festival so that it wouldn’t die; so that it would have air to breathe, and collect voice, and offer free and unfettered expression for artists, audiences, and respondents alike. And so here we are, in a new home; a new context in which to engage in a long-running discourse. The context is one of building a new base… a new fusion community based on a consortium of affinity partners coming together to support the art, the artists, the questions, and the sowing of new seeds; seeds of trust, candor and forward visioning as to what a sustainable peace might look like. Such sentiments are resonant with MAS’ foundational principles of advancing cultural literacy through the arts and cultural programming, pursuing mutual understanding through the arts, culture and the humanities, and enabling discovery of opportunities for social cohesion, across the ethno-cultural and class identities of our constituencies. The run of Ullyses with Bottles and The Return are very important to help us understand ourselves as we witness the very articulate navigation of the stories of our shared humanity through such productions. Must see. Tickets and further information can be gotten at Mosaic’s website. Make sure to time your ticket purchases to the schedules for the post show discussions.